Property Owners Association
8670 Navajo Lane
Parker, AZ 85344


September 30, 2004

Homeowners who rent their property, either long term or as a vacation rental, and either privately managed or agency managed, are now required to comply with Association regulations concerning renters. These regulations are outlined in the Rules & Fines (copy enclosed) and adopted at the June 7, 2004 General Membership Meeting of the Lake Moovalya Keys Property Owners Association. These regulations require owners of rental properties to deposit and maintain with the Association a $1,000.00 security deposit. This deposit will be used toward payment of property damage repairs, should such damage occur as a result of your tenants’ actions, and will be used to pay for citations issued for noncompliance of rules by your tenants.

Association regulations also require that a Tenant Information Sheet (right-click to save to your computer) be submitted to the Association for each tenant. If your property is managed by one of Parker’s real estate agencies, it is your responsibility to see that your agency provides us with a Tenant Information Sheet (right-click to save to your computer). We require a Tenant Information Sheet (right-click to save to your computer) for each short-term or long-term tenant.

If you contemplate renting your property, or if you currently rent your property and we do not show your property as a rental, you must notify the Association. Likewise, if you do rent your property, please advise the Association if you change rental agencies or if you change from a rental agency to privately owned rental, or vice versa, as we do track properties by agency and privately rented.

Owners of rental properties must remit a check for $1,000.00, payable to Lake Moovalya Keys, along with all applicable Tenant Information Sheets (right-click to save to your computer). Please reference your lot number on your check, and mail it to 8670 Navajo Lane, Parker, AZ 85344.

Security deposits will be returned (upon property inspection and verification of change of ownership or change in rental status) if you sell your property, or if you permanently cease to rent your property.